The preservation and perseverance of God’s elect is a glorious truth, which yields much comfort to the believer. I rejoice in it. But there is a more glorious and more comforting truth which has dawned upon my soul. I believe in the PERSERVANCE OF THE SON OF GOD! That is to say, what he has begun he will complete. With Jesus Christ failure is not a possibility! If he agreed to become my Surety in eternity, paid the price of my ransom at Calvary, ascended to heaven to claim his inheritance in my name, regenerated me by his power, and called me by his grace, surely he will persevere in bringing me home to glory. “He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it.” Children of God, that is our security! The Good Shepherd seeks his sheep until he finds it. And having found his sheep, he will never lose it. He will carry his sheep, every one of them, all the way home!


More secure is no one ever

Than the loved ones of the Savior;

Neither life nor death can ever

From the Lord His children sever!