Believers in this world are not free from sin. All believers know that fact by painful experience. Yet, every believer, being born of the Spirit of God, has a new nature. And that new nature has certain characteristics, which Paul calls "the fruit of the Spirit". This fruit of the Spirit is seen in the believer's attitude toward God, toward his fellowman, and toward himself. The fruit of the Spirit TOWARD GOD is "love, joy, peace". The believer loves God, rejoices in God, and lives at peace with God. The fruit of the Spirit--TOWARD MEN is "longsuffering gentleness, goodness". The believer treats other men kindly. He is patient, not rash. He is gentle, not harsh. He is good, not cruel. And the fruit of the Spirit TOWARD SELF is "faith, meekness, temperance". The believer is a faithful man, both honest and dependable. He is meek, recognizing his own sin and weakness. He is temperate, moderate, in all things. By the grace of God within, he governs his temper, his appetite and his passions.