Seven Solemn Charges Against The Doctrine Of  Universal Redemption


 After much thought and deliberation, I lay these seven charges against every man who preaches or believes the blasphemous heresy of universal redemption.


(1.) While pretending to enlarge the love of God for sinners, those who preach universal redemption reduce the love of God to nothing, but a fickle, mutable passion. What kind of love is that which has the power to save but does not save?


(2.) Those who preach universal redemption make the wisdom of God foolishness. What man makes plans which he knows will never be carried out? Is there any wisdom in making a plan that is doomed for failure?


(3.) Those who preach universal redemption would destroy the justice of God. Justice cannot and will not demand a double payment for one debt. Justice cannot require one offense to be punished twice, both in the offender and in the offender's Surety.


(4.) Those who preach universal redemption make the power of God impotence. We are told, "God wants to save everyone in the world. He has done everything he could to save them; but he cannot do so." Can the Almighty fail? Perish the thought!


(5.) Those who preach universal redemption offer sinners no sure foundation of hope. If my salvation depends upon the merits of my repentance, or my faith, or my works, I must forever be disturbed by these questions: Have I repented enough? Is my faith strong enough? Are my works good enough?


(6.) Those who preach universal redemption would rob God of His glory in salvation. If salvation is in any measure the result of something man does for God, then God shall not and cannot rightfully claim all praise and glory for it.


(7.) Those who preach universal redemption essentially deny the Godhood of our Lord Jesus Christ! If Christ died upon the cross to redeem and save men who are not redeemed and saved, then he is not God. He is not the true Messiah. All who believe on him are lost and without hope!


Don Fortner