By this God's elect are distinguished from the rest of Adam's fallen race, THEY HEAR AND OBEY CHRIST' S VOICE. We know our election in eternity by our calling in time. God's elect are those "who are the called according to his purpose". If you will hear his voice and harden not your heart, you shall be saved, you are one of God's elect. Will you hear his voice?


Christ says, "Come unto me" (Matt. 11:28). THIS IS THE WAY OF CONVERSION. If you would be converted, you must come to Christ. Are you laboring under the guilt of sin and the curse of the law? Is your heart weary and heavy laden? Come to Christ. His blood cleanses from all sin. His righteousness gives acceptance with God. Trust Christ and he will give you rest.


Our Savior says, "Learn of me" (Matt. 11:29). THIS IS THE PATH OF DISCIPLESHIP. The disciple is committed to and learns from his Master. Our Master walked before God and men in meekness and humility, serving the interest of men's souls, rather than his own interest and submitting to the will of God, rather than pursuing his own desires. Take Christ's yoke upon you, and you will find rest for your soul.


The Lord Jesus says, "Follow me" (Matt. 4:l9). THIS IS OUR RULE OF CONDUCT. In all things, Christ is our example. If you would live in this world for the glory of God, follow Christ. Follow in his steps, endeavoring to live as he did in love, kindness, and patience. Follow the direction of his Spirit, endeavoring to know and do his will in all things. And follow the instruction of his Word, endeavoring to live by the spirit of the gospel.


And our Redeemer says, "Abide in me"(John 15:4). THIS IS THE PLACE OF BLESSED SECURITY AND SWEET COMMUNION. As you came to Christ in the beginning, a sinner trusting his mercy, abide in him; and you shall never perish. And, like Mary, take your place at his feet, so that you may ever learn of him. There ever bathe your soul in sweet communion with the Son of God.