Our Lord said, "I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish." Eternal life refers to the BELIEVER'S NEW NATURE. It is not something we look for. It is something we have. Every believer has eternal 1ife imparted to him. In regeneration we are made "partakers of the Divine nature". Christ is formed in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Right now we have eternal life in Christ! Eternal life also refers to the BELIEVER'S HOPE. We live in the hope, expectation of eternal life. When this life is over we anticipate perfection and eternal glory in heaven. Heaven will simply be the eternal perfection and bliss of that life which God has created in the hearts of his people. And, certainly, eternal life refers to the BELIEVER'S SECURITY. "They shall never perish!" Eternal life is created, maintained, and perfected by the almighty grace of God in Christ. Nothing can hinder, or overthrow God's work. Eternal life in Christ is eternal!