If there is one thing in this world that everyone wants and very few have, it is rest, real rest of heart and soul before God. Fools imagine that money, property, position, and power will give them rest. Many seek rest by giving vent to the pleasures of their vile lusts. Others try to obtain rest by morality, works of charity, or the services, rituals, and ceremonies of religion. But all who seek rest in such places must, if they speak honestly, confess, "the bed is too short to stretch out on and the cover is too narrow to wrap up in" (Isa. 28:20).

     IF YOUR RELIGION DOES NOT GIVE YOU REST, YOUR RELIGION IS FALSE (Jer. 6:16; Matt. 11:28-29; Heb. 4:3). If you make lies your refuge, you will try hard to convince yourself that you have assurance and peace before God (Isa. 28:14-20). But in the dark, lonely watches of the night, when you contemplate judgment and eternity, YOU HAVE NO REST! Your soul is in turmoil. The fear of death yet holds you in bondage. But ALL WHO TRUST THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HAVE ENTERED INTO REST, knowing that all things necessary for their salvation have been done for them. God has CHOSEN them as the objects of his grace in eternal election. Christ has PAID THEIR DEBT to the justice of God by his blood atonement. RIGHTEOUSNESS has been imputed to them for justification and imparted to them in regeneration. For such people salvation is an absolute certainty. We have God's Word for it. Why shouldn't we rest? Does your religion give you rest?


Donald S. Fortner, Pastor


2734 Old Stanford Road

Danville, Kentucky 40422