You may think that is a ridiculous question. Any- one who can read sees signs,tracts, and bumper stickers saying, "God loves you." All men presume that because "God is love", he must love them; but it is not so.


     GOD DOES NOT LOVE EVERYONE. Had Noah hung a sign over the side of the ark that read, "Smile, God loves you," it would have been an act of utmost cruelty. Those who perished in the flood might well cry out, "If God loves us, he has a mighty strange way of showing it!" The fact is, God does not love everyone. The Word of God says that very plainly (Psa. 5:5; 7:11; Rom. 9:13). The inhabitants of Sodom upon whom God rained fire and brimstone and those who now suffer the wrath of God in hell are everlasting proof to all reasonable men that God does not love everyone.


     GOD DOES LOVE ALL WHO ARE IN CHRIST. If you trust the Lord Jesus Christ, if you are robed in his right- eousness and washed in his blood, God loves you. Your faith in Christ is both the fruit and the evidence of God's everlasting, immutable love for you. "We love him BECAUSE he first loved us." That love which caused God to redeem and save chosen sinners is without cause, without condition, without beginning, without change, and without end. If you now trust Christ as your Savior and Lord,it is because he loved you from the beginning, and he will love you forever! If you do not trust and love the Lord Jesus Christ, you have no rerason to ima- gine that God loves you.YOU ARE UNDER THE WRATH OF GOD!


Donald S. Fortner, Pastor


2734 Old Stanford Road

Danville, Kentucky 40422