Throughout his earthly ministry the Lord Jesus Christ took ordinary facts of life and nature and transformed them into revelations of divine truth. He took a farmer sowing seed, a woman kneading dough, a shepherd watching sheep, a man building a house, and turned these ordinary events into parables of eternal truth.


     The cross was the most hideous deed of man's depravity. The Son of God transformed it into the means of perfect righteousness. Sin put Christ on the cross, but he used the cross to save man from sin. The cross was man at his worst, but Christ uses the doctrine of the cross to transform and bring him up to his best. He transformed the darkest hour of human history into the brightest hour. Our Lord even transformed the tomb of death into the womb of life and made it glow with hope.


    Wherever the Son of God comes he changes things. He transforms things! He regenerates our dead souls, revives our dead hopes, and will one day raise our dead bodies! He takes children of wrath and transforms us into the sons of God! He once said, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." The Son of God transforms sinners into saints! He makes every chosen, redeemed, called sinner an entirely new creature. Once sin reigned in our hearts. Now grace does. We once lived to serve our lusts. Now we live to serve our Lord. Once we wanted nothing but our will. Now we want nothing but his will! Has Christ transformed you?


Donald S. Fortner, Pastor


2734 Old Stanford Road

Danville, Kentucky 40422