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ŇThe Gainsaying of CoreÓ

Jude 11


All false prophets are also mimics of Korah. Korah sought to overthrow both GodŐs prophet Moses and GodŐs priest Aaron. The Korahs of our day are exactly like them. They oppose GodŐs faithful servants, seek to turn the people they serve against them and the gospel of GodŐs rich, free grace in Christ.

            Again, their behavior is not a matter of ignorance. They know full well that the men they oppose are GodŐs servants, and that the gospel they oppose is the gospel of God. But false prophets are, as God the Holy Ghost describes them by JudeŐs pen, men of insatiable lusts, sensual, and ungodly. They will stop at nothing to get your smile and pick your pocket. They think no more of destroying a faithful manŐs name or destroying a church than they do of stepping on a roach. — GodŐs servants are not like them (2 Corinthians 4:5-7).







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