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ŇThe Error of BalaamÓ

Jude 11


BalaamŐs error was greed, the love of money.  As all false prophets crave praise and are motivated by envy, so all false prophets are greedy for gain. They fleece the LordŐs sheep to line their own pockets.

            Running Ňgreedily after the error of Balaam,Ó men who have abandoned the gospel of God lead poor, deluded souls under their influence into idolatry, teaching them to mix law with grace, works with mercy, and logic with revelation.

            Make no mistake. — These deceivers know exactly what they are doing. Balaam knew that GodŐs people were blessed of God and could never be cursed. Yet, he took BalakŐs money, prayed, acted very pious, and sought the destruction of GodŐs church, teaching Israel to worship idols and call it worshipping Jehovah. — GodŐs servants are not like them (2 Corinthians 4:5-7).







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