3jo 09 Diotrephes Who Loves to Have Preeminence





III John 9


Gaius and Diotrephes were members of the same church. Gaius, however, was a genuine believer. He loved the gospel, walked in the truth, and loved the brethren. He was a generous, hospitable man. But Diotrephes was a proud, prating hypocrite who knew not God. He was jealous and envious of God's servants. He loved neither Christ, nor the gospel of Christ, nor the people of Christ. Diotrephes loved only Diotrephes!

Two marks of his pride and self-righteousness were: love of position and contempt of authority. He was greedy of place and of power. He wanted a position of recognition and influence, He was not an apostle, but he wanted to be. He was not a preacher, but he wanted to be. Therefore, he held the servants of Christ in contempt and tried to thrust himself upon the church in their place.

Beloved, let us ever guard against this proud spirit. John warns us, "Follow not that which is evil." Let us prefer service to position and kindness to power. Let us seek the honor of Christ, not honor for ourselves. Here is a point of searching self-examination for us all. Do I want to be recognized, or do I want to be useful?