"For The Truth's Sake"       

2 John 2

     I do not exaggerate, even slightly, when I say that the truth of God revealed in Holy Scripture means no more to the average church member than the words of Shakespeare to an infant. The church of this generation is very pragmatic. She becomes all things to all men that she might be any means increase her membership and fill her coffers. The house of worship has become a theater for entertainment, a family life center with some new, featured attraction every week or two. This religious generation has been brainwashed, both the pulpit and the pew, into believing that bigger is better and that God's blessings can be measured by the number attending their services. The church of the twentieth century has therefore surrendered the truth of God, the worship of God and the glory of God. Her buildings may be filled to capacity with immortal souls, for whose everlasting destruction she is responsible, but God is not in her midst! Her name is Ichabod!

     The singular mission of the church of Jesus Christ is to glorify God. She can fulfill her mission only as she and her children "walk in truth" (III John 4) and "earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints" (Jude 3). It is the responsibility of the church in every age to preach and defend "the faith," the glorious doctrines of the gospel of the grace of God, the truth of God. The truth that has been preserved and passed along to us by preceding generations of faithful men and women, must be preserved by us and passed along to the generations to come. We must add nothing to it. We must take nothing from it. Our business is simply to declare it without compromise. Particularly, those areas of Divine Truth most vehemently attacked by religious infidels must be sternly defended by us and declared most constantly - Divine Sovereignty - Human Depravity - Unconditional Election - Limited Atonement - Irresistible Grace - Perseverance of the Saints. We cannot bend. We cannot compromise. We cannot cease to declare the whole truth of God. Not one point can be given up or even toned down. We must do what we can "for the truth's sake." To compromise God's truth is to compromise God's glory! For the sake of God's truth and his glory we must be absolutely intolerant of heresy.


Don Fortner