1jo 04v11 Love One Another



I John 4:11


The whole law of God is summed up in this one word - LOVE. Love is the reflection of God's character. Love is the reflection of God's mercy. Love is the reflection of Christ's substitutionary work as our Redeemer. And love is the reflection of saving grace in the heart. If I have truly experienced grace in my heart, there will be a manifest love in my heart for the children of God. This love reveals itself in many practical ways. Love is FORGIVING. Love is not easily OFFENDED. Love is PATIENT, LONGSUFFERING, and KIND. Love is THOUGHTFUL and MERCIFUL. Love will cause a man to PRAY FOR HIS BRETHREN. Love will cause a person to SEEK THE COMPANY AND FELLOWSHIP OF HIS BRETHREN. Love will cause us to CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER, sharing each other's joys and sorrows, bearing each other's burdens, seeking each other's welfare.

Do I have this LOVE? Do you? It matters not what else we have, or what else we may experience - IF LOVE IS ABSENT, CHRIST IS ABSENT, GRACE IS ABSENT, SALVATION IS ABSENT!