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“He Laid Down His Life for Us.”

1 John 3:16


This is the foundation of our faith, the rock of our salvation, and the hope of our souls. Since Christ has died in the place of his people, they cannot perish. I know that there are men whose minds are so distorted that they can conceive it possible that Christ died for men who in the end will be lost in hell. I am sorry to say that there are men in the pulpits of the church today, whose brains have been so addled by religious tradition and false doctrine that they cannot see that the doctrine they hold is both a preposterous lie and a blasphemous error.

      Their doctrine is this. — Christ dies for a man, and then God punishes that man again. Christ suffers in the sinner’s stead, and then God condemns that sinner after all! It shocks me to even mention such a blasphemy. Were it not so commonly held, I would pass over it with the contempt it deserves. That would be a perversion of justice, a double-cross, and a requirement of double indemnity.

      The doctrine of Scripture is this. — God is just. Christ died in the stead of his people, satisfying God’s justice. And now, because God is just, he will never punish one solitary soul for whom the Savior did shed his blood. Justice will not allow a double payment for the same offense, first at the hands of Christ, and then from me. The idea that Christ was the Substitute and Surety for all men is so inconsistent, both with reason and Holy Scripture, that we are obliged to reject it with abhorrence. We cannot, for the glory and honor of our Savior, let go of the blessed gospel doctrine of particular and effectual redemption. To deny the efficacy of Christ’s substitutionary atonement would be, for me, a total denial of the gospel. And it would rob me of my soul’s greatest comfort.




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