1jo 02v28 Abide in Him



“ABIDE IN HIM.”               I John 2:28


                If I never had opportunity to speak another word to you, or to write another line for your reading, I think I would like to leave these words burning upon your hearts – “Abide in Him.” By that I mean, Faithfully abide in the truth of Christ. Continue steadfast in the doctrine of his grace and glory; rest in his substitutionary work; embrace his glorious Person; and submit to his sovereign Lordship. Let nothing drive you from the gospel doctrine of Christ and him crucified. I also mean that you must abide  in Christ as the only object of your faith and trust. As you trusted Christ alone for your acceptance before God when you were first converted, go on trusting him. Stay in the good ship grace. Do not try to walk across the water alone. Trust his righteousness as your only righteousness, his blood as your only cleansing, and his sacrifice as your only pardon. And make Chris the only object of your life. Love Christ supremely. Live in union with him. Make his glory the motive of your heart and the goal of your life.