"Abide In Him"         I John 2:28

                        As your Pastor, my great concern is for your souls. Sometimes, I try to think toward you as though I would never see your faces again. How would I address you, if I knew it would be the last time I would ever speak to you upon the earth? I am thinking now about those of you who are truly the children of god. If I ever spoke or wrote another thing to you, I think that I would like to leave these words burning upon your hearts - "Abide In Him".


1. I mean by that - Faithfully abide in the truth of Christ. "Let that therefore abide in you which ye have heard from the beginning." Brethren, continue steadfast in the doctrine of Christ, HIS GLORIOUS PERSON, HIS SUBSTITUTIONARY WORK, AND HIS EXALTED LORDSHIP.


2. I also mean that, you must abide in Christ as the only object of your faith and trust. When you were first converted, you rested upon Christ: alone as your hope of eternal salvation. You had no experiences, no good works, no graces, no feelings upon which to rely. See to it that you continue to rely upon Christ alone. Stay in the good ship grace. Do not try to walk across the water on your own. Trust his righteousness as your only righteousness, his blood as your only cleansing, his sacrifice as your only pardon.


3. For another thing, when I say, "Abide in Him", I mean that you must go on seeking Christ the constant object of your life. As you live by Christ, you must live for Christ. Set your heart and life to seek his glory. Love Christ supremely. Prefer his glory to all things. Seek grace to know and do his will. If the Lord in his gracious and wise providence, changes your circumstances, go on living for Christ.


4. Once more, when I say; "Abide in Him", I mean that you must continue in a living, spiritual union with Christ. This is the thing that I want for you, above all else; I want you to be in a living, loving, lasting union of faith with the Son of God. Beloved, you are not alive to God except as you are one with the living Redeemer. Depend upon Christ for all things. Make Christ the element of your life. Feed upon Christ. Rest in Christ. So live with Christ that you are at home with him. Christ is our life, and soon he shall appear. Let us, then, "ABIDE IN HIM".

Don Fortner