1jo 02v01 That Ye Sin Not




I John 2:1


"My little children" - They were the children of God by faith the Lord Jesus Christ, children by eternal adoption and child by spiritual birth. But the faithful old pastor looked upon them as his children. God's family was his family. God's children were his children. This old man, the beloved disciple, John, loved God's little children. He watched over them with a tender eye, seeking always their spiritual welfare, promoting in them faith, holiness of life, and the fear of the Lord. This was the intent of his letter. "My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not." In other words, John is saying, "I have told you these things because it is my object and desire to curb and restrain your natural bent and inclination toward Sin."

                What did he tell them? What arguments did John use to keep God's people from living in sin? Did he tell them to keep the law as a rule of life? Did he threaten them with punishment if they did sin? Did he promise them rewards for their obedience? No. John knew that God's children could not and would not be motivated by law. IN ORDER TO MOTIVATE GOD'S CHILDREN TO HOLINESS JOHN SPOKE ONLY OF GOD'S BOUNTIFUL GOODNESS AND GRACE TO HIS CHILDREN IN CHRIST. In chapter one he told us that Christ came and brought us the gift of eternal life (vv. 1-2). By faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we have been brought into fellowship with God our Father and with his dear Son (v. 3). This fellowship gives God's saints a fulness of spiritual joy (v. 4). Though God is light, purity and holiness without any defilement, we who walk in the light (Christ, the Light of the World), have fellowship and acceptance with our holy and righteous God, "and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin" (w. 5-7). Though we know ourselves to be vile sinners by nature, yet "if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our Sins, and to cleanse us from all our righteousness".

                To those who are taught of the Spirit, John's doctrine is as clear as it is wise and reasonable: NOTHING WILL MAKE SIN MORE BITTER TO A BELIEVER THAN THE ASSURANCE OF GOD'S GRACE AND PARDONING MERCY IN CHRIST.