1pe 01v23 Born Again By The Word of God




I Peter 1:23


It is necessary, because God says it is necessary, for sinners to hear the Word of God in order to be saved. In these days, since the completion of the inspired volume of Holy Scripture, God never saves men apart from the hearing of the Word (I Cor. 1:21; James l:18; Rom. 10:17). If any dare argue with God, so that he may defend his system of theology, he is a brazenly foolish rebel against God. Those who defy God, I know will not hear me; but you can be sure of this: WHERE THERE IS NO GOSPEL PREACHING THERE IS NO FAITH IN CHRIST, AND WHERE THERE IS

                NO FAITH IN CHRIST THERE IS NO LIFE IN CHRIST. In his own sovereign purpose and grace God has so highly exalted his Word that he will not save his own elect without the preaching of the gospel. Yes, God's elect will be saved, but not apart from the hearing of the Word. If need be, God will have a faithful preacher stoned to death and raise terrible persecution to scatter his people, so that those whom he has ordained to eternal life may hear the Word of life (Acts 11:19-21); but God will not save sinners apart from the ministry of the Word.

God' s exaltation of his Word INSPIRES HIS PEOPLE IN EVANGELISM. We know that without the preaching of the gospel men will perish. We know also that God has a people in this world whom he will save. Therefore we go out into all the world, by whatever means God makes available to us, and preach the gospel to all men. We know that our labor shall not be spent in vain (Isa. 55:11). This high value which God places upon his Word, and which we also place upon it, GIVES US A SENSE OF REVERENCE FOR THE MINISTRY OF THE WORD. To other men, even the most religious, the ministry of the Word is a convenience. If they hear the gospel, that's good; but if they miss hearing the Word of God preached, they think they suffer no great loss. God's people know the Word is vital. It is their soul's food. They cannot live without it. They want to hear God speak, and they know that God speaks through his servants as they preach the Word.