"We Have Also A More Sure Word of Prophecy."

II Peter 1:19


Brethren, do not ever envy the charismatics. Do not feel that you are missing something, because you have not had the experiences they boast of. Peter had an experience which has not yet been matched. He saw Christ in his transfigured glory! He saw Moses and Elijah with him in the mount! He heard God speak from heaven! But this was not the foundation of his faith, confidence, or assurance. His faith rested in the same place as ours must rest -THE WORD OF GOD. In this day of sweeping Pentecostalism, we must break the superstitions of religious emotionalism, even as Luther and the reformers broke the chains of papacy and Roman superstition. We must return to the cry "Sola Scriptural" "The Bible Alone:" The Bible alone, as the foundation of our faith - The Bible alone, as the message of our pulpits - The Bible alone, as the rule of our lives. The Bible alone, as the confession of our doctrine.


            We must take nothing from it. We must add nothing to it. This blessed Book alone is God's revelation. This Book alone is inspired, authoritative, powerful, sufficient and final.