heb 13v07 17 How Should A Local Church Be Governed




Hebrews 13-7. 17


                At first the church of the New Testament was under the direct government of Christ himself. After his ascension back into heaven it was under the rule of the apostles of Christ. The apostles appointed deacons to relieve them of the mundane duties of watching over money, property, and the care of widows (Acts 6-1-7). Deacons were never given the responsibility of looking after the spiritual welfare of the church, either in discipline or in doctrine. Their responsibility is to relieve the pastor of the need to look after the physical needs of the congregation. As the apostles died out, they appointed pastors, otherwise called elders, bishops, and overseers, whose responsibility it is to be under shepherds to Christ and spiritual rulers over the house of God. The church is not a political body, business corporation, or social organization to be ruled by the democratic vote of the people. There is absolutely no biblical precedent for the modern practice of democratic rule by the vote of the people. THE CHURCH OF GOD IS A KINGDOM UNDER THE RULE OF CHRIST. IT IS GOVERNED BY CHRIST'S APPOINTED PASTORS, THROUGH THE WORD OF GOD, AS THEY ARE TAUGHT AND LED BY THE SPIRIT OF GOD.

                It is the pastor's responsibility to rule in the house of God, taking the oversight of it (I Tim. 3:1-7). He does not rule by bullish force, by intimidation, or by legislative power. But he must rule. He is responsible to God to rule the church in precisely the same manner as a husband is responsible to God to rule his own house. THE AUTHORITY FOR HIS RULE is the God he represents. He is God's ambassador. That gives him authority! THE BASIS OF HIS RULE is the Word of God. THE PRINCIPLE BY WHICH HE RULES is love, love for Christ, love for the gospel, and love for the people of God. He rules by his own example of faith and faithfulness. By his own exemplary conduct and demonstration of consecration and self-denying commitment to the gospel, he wins the respect of God's people and earns their loyal submission to his spiritual leadership. THE CHURCH OF GOD IS RULED BY MAN, THE PASTOR. He rules the church, as he is led by the Spirit of God, for the glory of God.