heb 13v03 Remember Them



Hebrews 13:3

Today's hymn was written on my way home from a meeting with a small band of believers in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. God greatly blessed his Word to the hearts of his people during the three days we were together. As I left that little flock of God's sheep who have no shepherd (pastor) and no place of worship, my heart went out in prayer to God and in praise. My prayer was for that group of believers, and several others I know like them, that the Lord might be their Guide and Teacher, and that he might be pleased, according to his own promise, to give them a pastor after God's heart, to feed them with knowledge and understanding (Jer. 3:15). My heart was lifted up with praise and thanksgiving too, for God's bountiful blessings upon us in this place. Let us never take his blessings for granted! The Lord has mercifully given us a sweet fellowship of genuine love in Christ and established the regular ministry of the Word of God in our midst. That, my dear friends, is the greatest blessing and privilege we could ever hope to enjoy in this world. We should daily thank God for his goodness to us. And I hope we will remember our brothers in Christ who are not so richly blessed of God as we are.