The Evidence Of Faith         

Hebrews 11:1


     Assurance in the Word of God is based upon faith. The Scriptures never speak of the assurance of love, or the assurance of works, or the assurance of experience. The Scriptures only speak of "the full assurance of faith" (Heb. 10:22) and "the full assurance of hope" (Heb. 6:11). And hope is built upon faith. This faith is the gift of God the Holy Spirit, wrought in and given to God's elect in regeneration by the preaching of the gospel (Eph. 2:8; Phil. 1:29; Col. 2:12; Rom. 10:17; James 1:18; I Pet. 1:23-25). True faith is based upon and born of the knowledge of the gospel. No one can or will trust Christ until he sees (1) his need of a Substitute, (2) how that God can be just and the justifier of the ungodly through the merits of Christ, and (3) that salvation is by grace alone.

     This faith in Christ is the sure, certain, infallible evidence, proof, and assurance of eternal salvation. Faith is not the cause of grace, salvation, and eternal life. But faith is the proof and evidence of these things.

     "FAITH IS THE SUBSTANCE OF THINGS HOPED FOR." That word "substance" means "faith is the essence, certainty, and assurance of things hoped for." Faith possesses beforehand what God has promised to give. "Verily, verily", our Lord said, "He that believeth on me hath (in possession) everlasting life" (John 6:47).

     "FAITH IS THE EVIDENCE OF THINGS NOT SEEN." "Evidence" means "proof". By faith in Christ I read my name in the Book of Life. Faith did not write it there. God wrote it there before the world was made. But my faith in Christ is the proof that it is there. "Faith is the proof of things not seen." Faith is the proof of things past, done in eternity, but not seen by men. It is the proof of my election and interest in the covenant of grace. Faith is the proof of things done in time, though now unseen: the creation of the world, the righteousness established by Christ, the redemption accomplished by Christ, and my justification in him. And faith is the proof of future things now unseen: the resurrection of the dead, the judgment, and my eternal glory in and with Christ.

     If you can now believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, I assure you upon the authority of God's Word, YOU HAVE A SAVING INTEREST IN CHRIST (I John 5:1, 5-13).


Don Fortner