He Is Able To Save!


"He is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto God by Him, seeing He ever liveth to make intercession, for them." Hebrews 7:25


The one message of the Bible is salvation by the substitutionary work of Christ. Everywhere in the book of God we are told that men are perishing, and all of Adam's fallen race is in desparate need of salvation. In many places we are taught that Christ Jesus is willing to save sinners. In this verse we read that he is able to save!

Here is one characteristic of God's elect-They All Come To God By Faith In Christ. If you will not come to God, trusting Christ alone., you. cannot be saved. If you do come with a true heart of faith, you cannot perish. This coming to God is a spiritual act. You do not come to God by walking the aisle of a church. It is an act of the heart, and act of faith. You must come to God through his appointed Mediator. Jesus Christ.

Moreover, the apostle assures us that - All Who Come To God By Faith In Christ Will Be Perfectly Saved. Christ Jesus is able to save sinners of the deepest dye. And mark this, my brethren, he saves us to the uttermost! Inspite of all our past sins, our present corruptions, and Satan's temptations, Christ Jesus saves us to the uttermost. Though death, Judgment, and eternity lay before us, we are confident, for Christ saves-to the uttermost. Let others speak, if they will, of degrees of salvation (degrees of rewards), we believe in a perfect salvation. Christ has set out to make his people perfect; and he will accomplish his purpose. This is the secret of our security. We fall, perhaps, seven times in a day, but Jesus Christ saves to the uttermost.

Now, children of God, Here Is The Ability of Our Savior - "Seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them." That very one who died to put away our sin sits as a Priestly-King upon the throne of glory, and pleads for our salvation. He pleads his perfect righteousness as our representative and satisfying death as our substitute, and God will not allow one of those for whom his Son pleads to perish.


Don Fortner