"If They Shall Fall Away"  

Hebrews 6:6


     There is much debate about the proper interpretation of this passage of scripture. Some excellent commentators say the passage is a suppositional argument, by which the Holy Spirit gives proof of the believer's absolute security in Christ by the grace of God. Others say the text is describing the irreversible reprobation of apostates, men and women who profess faith in Christ for a while and afterward forsake him and depart from the faith. Without ques- tion, EVERY TRUE BELIEVER IS ETERNALLY AND UNCONDI- TIONALLY SECURE IN CHRIST. It is impossible for one of God's elect to fall away from life, faith in Christ, the grace of God, and the gospel (John 10:27-30). What God does, he does forever (Eccles.3:14). The gift of God is irreversible (Rom.11:29).And the grace of God is indissolvable, unconditional, and indestructible (Mal. 3:6).

      However, MANY WHO PROFESS FAITH IN CHRIST AND APPEAR TO BE TRUE BELIEVERS DO FALL AWAY. Many do forsake Christ, the fellowship of the gospel, and the worship of God. They may hold to the doctrines of the gospel tenaciously. But they have no interest in the kingdom of God, no commitment to the cause of Christ, and no fellowship with the saints of God (John 6:66). The cause of their apostacy is the absence of a vital union with Christ. Because they do not know him, for one reason or another, by one means or another, they are turned away from Christ. What is the result?

     "If they shall fall away," THEIR APOSTACY PROVES THAT THEY NEVER KNEW CHRIST IN SAVING FAITH (I John 2:19). They professed faith, but never possessed faith. They looked like wheat, but were really only tares. "They are not all Israel which are of Israel." "If they shall fall away," THEY ARE FOREVER LOST (Heb. 10:26-31). They have wilfully departed from the truth and cannot be retreived. "If they shall fall away," THEY WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ETERNAL RUIN OF OTHERS. How many fathers have led their wives and children away from Christ by their wilful apostacy! How many who once professed faith with vigor, have by their apostacy led those away from Christ whom they once tried to lead to Christ! Those who fall away destroy their own souls and destroy the souls of all who are under their influence. It would be better for them never to have known the way of life (II Pet. 2:20-22).


Don Fortner