The Sovereignty Of Grace          

Hebrews 2:16


     Here is an irrefutable statement of God's absolute sovereignty in the exercise of his saving grace. Speaking of the Lord Jesus Christ the inspired writer declares, "For verily he took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham." What are we to learn from this statement?

     First, it never was the intention, desire, will, or purpose of Christ to save the angels who fell. "He took not on him the nature of angels." There are some elect angels who never fell. Their election by God preserved them. But for those angels who fell, God offered no mercy whatsoever. They are eternally reprobate, without hope (Jude 6).

     Second, it never was the intention, desire, will, or purpose of the Lord Jesus Christ to save all men. Thank God, he does save some. "He delighteth in mercy!" But to say that the Son of God wants to save all men, tries to save all men, or provides salvation for all men is both absurd and blasphemous. It makes the omnipotent God a failure! Notice the words used by the Holy Spirit. He does not say, Christ "took on him the seed of Adam." It says, "He took on him the seed of Abraham!"

     Third, it is the intention, desire, will, and purpose of Christ to save all the seed of Abraham. The Son of God took hold of the seed of Abraham to save them. The expression, "The seed of Abraham," does not refer to the Jewish race, Abraham's natural seed, but to the whole multitude of God's elect, Abraham's spiritual seed ((Rom. 4:16; 9:6-8; Gal. 3:7, 13-16).

     Fourth, all the seed of Abraham shall be saved (Rom. 11:25-26; John 10:16). "He shall save his people from their sins" (Matt. 1:21). "He shall not fail" (Isa. 42:4). The purpose of God cannot be overturned. The covenant of grace cannot be nullified. The cross of Christ cannot miscarry. The grace of God cannot be frustrated. The intercession of Christ cannot be denied. His hold cannot be broken. All whom he took hold of to save shall be saved!

     Fifth, all who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ are the seed of Abraham (Phil. 3:3). If you take hold of Christ by faith,he has taken hold of you to save you by his almighty grace. The proof of your election, your redemption, and your regeneration is faith in Christ.



Don Fortner