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“Turned unto Fables”

2 Timothy 4:4

The prophecy made by the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 4:1-5 has come to pass in our day. All over the world men, and women, and boys, and girls gather in religious assemblies. Some are very solemn. Others can barely be distinguished from dance hall revelry. But they gather in the name of Christ to worship God. They read the Bible, say their prayers, invoke God’s blessing, and give their money. They are devoted. They are sincere. But they are lost! They have faith; but theirs is a false faith. They have hope; but their hope is a delusion. Having been led and taught by blind and ignorant men, “They will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts...they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears...They turn away their ears from the truth and (have been) turned unto fables.”


            A fable is story dreamed up by a man to teach a moral, ethical lesson, but factually, it is a lie. Here are three common religious fables, dreamed up by men to teach people moral principles. They are universally embraced, proclaimed, and defended. These three fables are constantly presented throughout this city, across this country, and around the world in this day of man centered religion as the very truth of God. But they are in fact lies, which are damning to the souls of all who believe them.


Universal Love


“God loves everyone.” — We hear that from almost every religious leader in the world. We read it on church signs, bumper stickers, and bridges all over the country. But it is a bald faced lie. God does not love everyone. He never has! Nowhere does the Bible say or imply that he does. If God loves everybody, he has a mighty strange way of showing it. Try preaching that to those who perished in the flood, the sons of Korah, the damned in hell. They know better! The fact is, the Bible plainly tells us that God does not love everyone (Psalms 11:5; 7:11; Romans 9:13). “God is love.” We rejoice in that. But God’s love is in Christ. In the Bible there is no assurance of God’s love given to anyone apart from faith in Christ.


Universal Atonement


“The Lord Jesus Christ died to redeem and save all people.” — There is no doctrine in all the world more blasphemous than that. To say that Christ died for all people without exception is to say that he died for multitudes for whom he refused even to pray. Read it for yourself in John 17:9 and 20. To say that he died for all without exception is to say that he died in vain for the multitudes of the damned! That is blasphemy! It is a blatant declaration that Jesus Christ is a failure! If he is a failure, he is not God, and is not fit to be trusted. The Bible nowhere teaches or implies that Christ died for, redeemed, or came to save those multitudes who are at last lost in hell. Those for whom Christ died shall never die! The Son of God redeemed all he came to redeem; and he shall save all for whom he died.


Universal Grace


“The Holy Spirit of God is doing all that he can to save everyone.” — You know that is not true. There are multitudes to whom the Spirit of God has never even sent his Word. The Bible says nothing of the Spirit trying to reprove, trying to convince, or trying to regenerate. The Bible declares, “It is the Spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing.”




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