"Thou Hast Fully Known My Doctrine"      

2 Timothy 3:10


     Paul's doctrine was not stated in ambiguous terms, hidden under high sounding phrases or subject to change according to his company. What he believed he proclaimed in forcefully clear words. When he was about to leave this world, he said to Timothy, "Thou hast fully known my doctrine." I take Paul's words for my own. There is no man living who has heard me preach since I was seventeen years old who has not heard my doctrine plainly setforth. In private conversation, from the pulpit, and in print my doctrine is unmistakable. It should be. If I am true to God and to the souls of men, it must be. But for any who may not have been listening to what I have said, or who may not have read carefully what I have written, I want to make three emphatic statements, by which all may know precisely what my doctrine is.

     1. ARMINIAN, FREE-WILL, WORKS RELIGION OF ANY FORM IS HERESY AND IS DAMNING TO THE SOULS OF MEN! It matters not what name the religion bears, any religion that denies God's total sovereignty, man's total depravity, Christ's effectual atonement, and salvation by the grace of God alone, any religion that makes the will and work of man rather than the will and work of God the determining factor in salvation is antichrist. All who embrace such doctrines are lost pagans, without God and without Christ.

     2. SALVATION IS BY GRACE ALONE! The grace of God is free, unconditional, effectual and immutable. It is in no way conditioned upon or determined by the works of men. Election, redemption, regeneration, conversion, sanctification, and preservation are all works of grace. Man does not cause them, contribute to them, or complete them. From start to finish, "Salvation is of the Lord!"

     3. CHRIST IS ALL! Christ is the sum, substance, essence and end of all revealed truth. He says, "I am the Truth." Apart from him there is no truth. Christ is all in the covenant of grace from eternity. Everything in the covenant is conditioned upon, determined in, and given to Christ. Christ is all in salvation. He is all our redemption, all our righteousness, all our life, and all our hope. And Christ is all in the eternal inheritance of God's saints in glory. He is our only door of entrance into heaven. He is the light, life, joy, glory and reward of the saints in heaven. Christ is all, now and forever! This is my doctrine!


Don Fortner