"Who Hath Saved Us"           

2 Timothy 1:9


     In one definite sense, salvation is an act of the past. Paul clearly states the past tense of salvation in II Timothy 1:9. Salvation is a work entirely wrought of God, without any assistance from man. It is a work already accomplished.It was done according to God's own purpose and grace in eternity,and given to us in Christ Jesus before the world began. God "hath saved us." If you are now in Christ by faith, it is because God "hath saved" you. The past tense of salvation is threefold:

1. WE HAVE BEEN SAVED BY THE PURPOSE OF GOD - (Rom. 8:28-31). Our salvation was accomplished in eternity by the sovereign decree and unalterable purpose of God. In the mind and purpose of God his people were saved before the world began. Just as Christ was slain from the foundation of the world as the Lamb of God (Rev. 13:8), so God's elect were, considered in Christ, saved from the foundation of the world. In God's decree we were justified, called, sanctified, and glorified, saved from eternity in Christ. The language of Holy Scripture puts salvation back into eternity past, as an act accomplished by God.

2. WE HAVE BEEN SAVED BY THE PURCHASE OF BLOOD - (I Pet. 1:18). When our Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross, he fully satisfied the law and justice of God as our Substitute (Gal. 3:13). He purchased, ransomed, our souls out of the hands of God's offended law and saved us by his blood. When he cried, "It is finished," the ransom price was paid, redemption was accomplished, and all God's elect were justly and legally saved (Heb. 9:11-12).

3. WE HAVE BEEN SAVED BY THE POWER OF GRACE (Eph. 1:18-20; 2:1-4). This is the experimental aspect of salvation. It is as necessary as election and redemption. "Ye must be born again." This too is a work fully accomlished by grace alone in regeneration. If you trust Christ, you have been born again. The proof of your salvation, not the cause, but the proof, is faith in Christ. Your faith is the irreversible gift of God's saving grace. It is effectually wrought in the hearts of God's elect by the power of his grace in regeneration. At God's appointed time, the Holy Spirit gives life to those dead sinners for whom Christ died and causes them to believe. We have been saved by the Triune God.


Don Fortner