“Doting About Questions”                  

I Timothy 6:4

            It seems very strange to me, but I often speak with people who dig up reasons why they should not be saved. If I were a condemned man on death row and I heard a rumor that mercy might be had, I am certain that I would not sit down and try to find out reasons why I might not have it. Not me! I would leave no stone unturned until I had either obtained a pardon by mercy or proved the rumor to be a lie. If I were drowning, I would come nearer hanging on to a straw than to pushing a life preserver away. But when it comes to spiritual matters, sinners have a strange way of working hard to commit suicide. They seem determined to climb out on a limb and then cut it off. They search the Bible for threatening texts. They mark them all in red ink, conclude that they are sealed for destruction, and find every reason imaginable, and many unimaginable, for not believing the promises of the gospel.

            Many are very good at raising doubts. In these days of imaginary intellectualism skepticism is mistaken for intelligence. We are taught to believe nothing and doubt everything. “Doubts,” wrote C. H. Spurgeon, “are as plentiful as blackberries, and all hands and lips are stained with them.” When I hear people “doting about questions” with regard to the things of God, I am reminded of a quaint story: Two philosophers sitting at a table got so involved in debating about the food before them that both left without eating. A poor, hungry man who cared nothing for their questions, sat down and ate as soon as they left.

            I know some who appear resolved never to come to Christ until they understand the doctrine of election. You do not reason in such a fashion regarding natural things. If you were hungry and a plate of food was set before you, would you refuse to eat until you understood exactly how the food was prepared and were assured that it was prepared for you? Not if you were hungry! I do not understand how a brown cow can eat green grass and give white milk that makes yellow butter. But I am very happy to drink the milk and eat the butter. Aren’t you?

            Do not be so foolish as to dote about questions while your immortal soul is in peril. The way of salvation is so plain that a wayfaring man, though a fool, shall not err therein. God does not mock your soul. The command of the gospel is so plain that even a child can comprehend it - “BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, AND THOU SHALT BE SAVED!”

Don Fortner