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God Put Me in the Ministry

1 Timothy 1:12

I am a preacher because of God’s call and God’s gift. God put me in the ministry. Supernaturally, mysteriously, God opened the door. God gave me the message. God gave me the gifts. God sent me on this mission. God gave me this stewardship. God gave me this dispensation. I didn’t seek it. I didn’t volunteer for it. I didn’t covet it. As an old preacher once put it, “I neither thought it, nor sought it, nor bought it.” But God put me in the ministry.

I am a preacher of the Gospel because I have been called of God to be a preacher of the Gospel. I cannot find any man in the Bible who volunteered to be a prophet or a preacher, except a false prophet. I cannot find a man, anywhere in the Word of God, who went to school to prepare to be a preacher, or prepare for the ministry. You will not find any man in this Book who was called to be a prophet or a preacher who was not a prophet or preacher. It is the call of God that makes a man a preacher; and the making of the preacher that is the call of God.




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