phl 03v10 That I May Know Him



Philippians 3:10


This was the object of Paul's life, that for which he sacrificed everything: country, kindred, honor, liberty, and life itself. Notice that this was not Paul's prayer as an unconverted man, that he might know Christ and be saved. This is the desire of a saved man, one who enjoyed the full assurance that his sins were pardoned and that he was "accepted in the Beloved". This is the desire of a regenerate soul, "That I may KNOW HIM."

I am afraid that there are many very religious people who are content to live without knowing Christ. They can say with Paul, "that I may win him and be found in him." That they desire. But this higher aspiration has never stirred their hearts, "that I may know him." They are content to know the history of Christ's life, the doctrine he taught, and the signs of his coming kingdom. These things are all good in their place. But the one thing needful is that we know Christ himself.

            This is my soul's desire. I hope that it is yours also, "that I may know Him," I am dreadfully afraid of knowing the life of Christ and missing Christ, knowing the doctrine of Christ and missing Christ, knowing the religion of Christ and missing Christ. We must KNOW HIM:

1.   I want to know the glory of Christ's person, by a personal acquaintance with him.

2.   I want to know the Virtue of Christ's blood, by experiencing its efficacy.

3.         I want to know the fellowship of Christ's sufferings by entering into the suffering of my Substitute with him.

4.   I want to know the power of Christ's resurrection, by being raised by him to the newness of life.

5.   I want to know the fulness of Christ's love, by experiencing and reflecting that love.

6.   I want to know the peace of Christ's presence, by resting in his love, relying upon his promise, and confidently trusting his faithfulness.

7.         I want to know Christ himself!

This is a knowledge that is given to them that believe. It is a spiritual knowledge of Christ that we desire (II Cor. 5:16). The more we know him, the more we see how little we know him. But this I know, to know him is to love him. And soon, we shall see him as he is. Then, Oh blessed thought! Then, we shall know him.