"The Wiles Of The Devil"           

Ephesians 6:11


     The word "wiles" has reference to the deceitful methods satan uses to keep men from trusting Christ, his deceitful methods of destruction. SATAN IS A MASTER DECEIVER.He never deals openly.His object is to deceive and destroy. Therefore he disguises himself as an angel of light, his ministers as preachers of righteousness, and his doctrine as the doctrine of grace.

     SATAN IS A POWERFUL SORCERER who casts bewitching spells upon unsuspecting men and women, turning them from the free grace of God in Christ to a religion of works (Gal. 3:1-3). He is the one who causes foolish religionists to imagine that effectual atonement, free grace, and infallible security lead to licentiousness.

     SATAN IS A SKILLED PHARMACIST with a big, well stocked drug store. He knows the desire of all men for rest and peace. He knows that true rest and peace can only be obtained by faith in Christ. He keeps sinners from obtaining true rest by giving them imitations and substitutes. On the shelves of his drugstore you will find the paregoric of pleasure, the drug of deceit, the morphine of materialism, the spirits of selfrighteousness, the opium of worldly opportunity, the pill of procrastination, the dope of denominationalism, the elixir of emotionalism - anything to keep you from trusting Christ and finding rest for your soul in the merits of his blood and righteousness.

     Anything that keeps you from faith in Christ is satanic. Anything that keeps you from surrender and consecration to Christ as your Lord and Savior is satanic. Anything that keeps you from obedience to Christ is satanic. Anything that causes you to trust yourself, consider yourself, look out for yourself, preserve yourself, or seek honor for yourself is satanic. BE WISE AND BEWARE OF "THE WILES OF THE DEVIL!"



Don Fortner