"Jesus Christ Himself"

Ephesians 2:20


            Brethren, in the Gospel of grace, in the church of God, in the hearts of God's elect, Jesus Christ himself is all in all. Christianity is a religion of miracles. But the greatest miracle of all is Jesus Christ himself. He is the wonder of wonders. His very name is Wonderful. If we are asked the proof of Gospel truth, we point men to Jesus Christ himself as the proof of the Gospel. Christ alone is the Truth. If men would know the essence and substance of the Gospel, we preach unto them Jesus Christ himself. When Paul preached the gospel, he preached "Christ and him crucified", for Christ is the gospel. Christ is also the power of the Gospel. If a man is converted it is by Christ, the power of God.

            In the hearts of God's elect Jesus Christ himself is pre-eminent. He is more. He stands alone. Nothing rivals him. Christ is the object of our faith. We have no other confidence, Christ is the example of our life. It is our joy to walk in his steps. Christ is the object of our love. "We love him because he first loved us." He is the embodiment of everything lovely. And Christ is the object of our hope. We desire not nothing but Christ, both now and for eternity. Is it not proper that Jesus Christ himself be our only theme. It is our joy to preach up Christ. All else is vain.

Don Fortner