rom 14v10 Why Dost Thou Judge Thy Brother





Not only do we have no right to make rules of conduct for other men, we have no right to sit in judgment over our brethren, as though we could determine the spiritual condition of their hearts before God. As you and I insist upon being free from the customs and traditions which men try to place upon us, we must allow our brethren that same freedom. In all matters of indifference, things not specifically dealt with in the Word of God, all of God's people must be governed by their own consciences under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and by their love for the Lord Jesus Christ. No matter how much a brother's lifestyle may differ from ours, we are to esteem our brethren very highly in love for Christ's sake. If God will teach us this one thing, it will put an end to all strive, slander, and division among true believers. Be severe, if you dare, upon yourself. But be lenient, even excessively lenient with your brethren. Who are we to sit in judgment upon the people of God?