act 21v14 The Will of The Lord Be Done




Acts 21:14


I want to trust God absolutely in all things, saying, "Lord, do with me what you will. I know that you are both good and wise, and that you will do nothing but that which is good for me and best for the glory of your own great name." It is an act of faith to submit all our plans to the will of God, and say, "If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that" (James 4:15). And it is an act of patience to meekly endure the trials and afflictions of life in submission to the will of God, saying, "It is the Lord; let him do what seemeth him good" (I Sam. 3:18). The will of God is set before us in the Scriptures in three distinct ways.

1. THE SECRET WILL OF GOD IS HIS ETERNAL PURPOSE AND DECREE REGARDING ALL THINGS. Everything in the universe is ordered and arranged by God's eternal decree. Everything comes to pass exactly as God from eternity purposed it. Some things are permitted by God, and some things are directly caused by God; but all things were decreed by God in his eternal purpose (Isa. 46:9-11).

2. THE REVEALED WILL OF GOD IS THAT WHICH WE ARE RESPONSIBLE TO PERFORM. Our responsibility is not determined by the decree of God, but by the revelation of God. "Whatever he saith unto you, do it." God revealed to Paul that it was his will for him to preach the gospel (Acts 22:15). Therefore he said, "Necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel" (I Cor. 9:6). God revealed to Paul that it was his will for him to go up to Jerusalem. It therefore became his responsibility to go, no matter what the cost may be (Acts 20:22, 21:11-14). God reveals his will to his people by the Scriptures, by the inward witness of the Spirit, and by the outward works of providence. That which he reveals we are responsible to do.

3. THE PROVIDENTIAL WILL OF GOD IS WHATEVER COMES TO PASS IN TIME. Whatever comes to pass, be it good or evil, is brought to pass by the will of God in providence. Providence is simply the rule of God over all things for the accomplishment of his eternal decree. It is God bringing to pass in time what he purposed in eternity. It is our responsibility and privilege to willingly submit to God's will in all things.