"Expounded Unto Him The Way Of God More Perfectly"  

Acts 18:26


     Without question, Apollos was a believer. He was "mighty in the Scriptures," "instructed in the way of the Lord," "fervent in the Spirit," "taught diligently the things of the Lord," and publicly showed all who heard him "by the Scriptures that Jesus was Christ." Yet, he knew only the baptism of John, the doctrine of John the Baptist. And this man, Apollos, though he was a true born child of God, was ignorant of many things. APOLLOS NEEDED SOMEONE TO SHOW HIM THE WAY OF THE LORD MORE PERFECTLY.

     Cornelius was also a saved man (Acts 10). God tells us plainly that he was "a devout man, and one that feared God...and prayed to God alway." Yet, Cornelius knew very little. He walked in the light God had given him. He worshipped the Lord who was to come, but did not know that he had already come. And God accepted his worship (Read Acts 10:4). Cornelius was saved, but he needed help. CORNELIUS NEEDED SOMEONE TO SHOW HIM THE GLORIOUS ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF CHRIST.

     Certainly, the Apostle Peter was a saved man when Paul withstood him to the face at Antioch (Gal. 2). He confessed Christ, followed Christ, worshipped Christ, trusted Christ, loved Christ, and preached Christ. Yet, Peter was still entangled with the spirit of legalism and bondage, inspite of all that he had heard, experienced,and learned.Paul sharply rebuked his error. It was a serious matter. But Paul did not condemn Peter as an unbeliever and a lost man. He took him by the hand and led him along the way to a more mature and more sound understanding of the gospel. PETER NEEDED SOMEONE TO SHOW HIM THAT CHRIST IS THE END OF THE LAW.

     My point, I hope, is obvious: MANY OF GOD'S DEAR CHILDREN ARE WEAK IN FAITH AND IN UNDERSTANDING. THEY NEED HELP. BUT THEY ARE GOD'S CHILDREN. I have no tolerance for Arminian, free-will, works religion. It is false and damning. No one is saved who imagines that he is, in anyway, his own Savior! But I DARE NOT IMAGINE THAT ANYONE IS LOST WHO TRUSTS THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AS HIS ONLY, ALL-SUFFICIENT SAVIOR. If he is weak, I will strengthen him. If ignorant, I will teach him. If a babe, I will pray for his growth in the grace and knowledge of Christ. But I will not reject him. He is my brother!


Don Fortner