act 18v09 Be Not Afraid But Speak



"BE NOT AFRAID, BUT SPEAK"                   

Acts 18:9


                Cowardice, more than anything else, keeps us from obeying our Lord. Anytime we know what the will of God is, only cowardice keeps us from doing it. Nowhere is this fact more truly demonstrated than in the matter of public preaching and personal  witnessing. We make a lot of excuses for not plainly declaring the truth of God to men, either personally or from the pulpit: "The people are not ready." "He is not interested." "They wouldn't understand." "The Lord has to teach people the truth." Cowardice never lacks for excuses, But you can be sure of this: IF COWARDICE, THE FEAR OF MAN, KEEPS ME FROM PLAINLY CONFESSING CHRIST IN THE TEETH OF HIS ENEMIES, IT IS BECAUSE I DO NOT KNOW CHRIST (Matt. 10:32-33).