“What Must I Do To Be Saved?”

Acts 16:30

            All men presume instinctively that they must do something to be saved, because all men are Arminians by nature. All human religion responds to the question, “What must I do to be saved?” by giving the sinner something to do. Human religion tells him to be baptized to get saved, pray to get saved, start living right to get saved, or  at least make sure you feel your sin enough to get saved. Without question, human religion says, “Believe in Jesus.” But it always mixes something in the sinner, or something done by the sinner with faith in Christ. Such doctrine is not saving, but damning!

            There are no conditions, qualifications, prerequisites, or requirements of any kind for God’s saving grace. Grace is free. Mercy is unmerited. If you would be saved, you must believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. That is what Paul and Silas told the jailer. Someone says, “Yes, but believing is a work.” That is not so. Faith in Christ is the gift and operation of God’s free grace. If you believe, God has saved you. If you refuse to believe, you never can be saved.

Don Fortner