act 16v16 It Came To Pass




Acts 16:16


Whatever comes to pass must come to pass; because God has ordained it for good. We must not judge things by their outward appearance. It may seem tragic that Paul and Silas were beaten and thrown in prison; but it was not. The best thing that could happen did happen. Paul and Silas must go to that prison in Philippi, because there was an elect sinner there whom God determined must hear the gospel and be saved. "And it came to pass!" Here is another example of the soul cheering truth of God's sovereign providence (Ps. 76:10). In the midst of evil, God accomplishes good (Rom. 8:28). Our Father sovereignly employed the angry rage of a wicked mob, the illegal actions of a corrupt judge, and the tormenting hiss of the old serpent to accomplish the salvation of his elect!