act 13v48 Ordained To Eternal Life




Acts 13:48


                Paul had preached the gospel clearly in power of the Holy Spirit. When the Jews heard the message, they walked out in angry protest; but the Gentiles desired that it            be declared to them again (v. 42). When the Jews heard the story of substitutionary redemption, "they were filled with envy and spoke against those things...contradicting and blaspheming"; but when the Gentiles heard it "they were glad" (w. 45, 48). When the Jews heard the gospel of the grace of God, they despised it, rejected it, and put it away from themselves, judging themselves to be unworthy of everlasting life; but the Gentiles "glorified the Word of the Lord" (vv. 46, 48). What made the difference? Luke gives the answer in plain, simple, unmistakable words: "As many as were ordained to eternal life believed." The doctrine of the text is undeniable - All who believe the gospel were from eternity ordained by God to eternal life. And all who were ordained by God to eternal life shall believe the gospel. God will save his own elect.