act 05v31 A Prince and a Savior




Acts 5:31

That person who is taught of God, so that in his heart he understands and knows Christ both as a Prince and a Savior is a saved person. In order for anyone  to be saved, he must bow to Christ as his Prince and trust Christ as his Savior. SOME SEE CHRIST                ONLY AS A PRINCE TO REGULATE THEIR LIVES. Theirs is a lifeless form of religion. To them religion is nothing more than morality and legalism. Their religion is all law and works. Their creed has two articles: "DO" and "DO NOT".  OTHERS SEE CHRIST ONLY AS A SAVIOR TO KEEP THEM OUT OF HELL. Because they do not recognize and bow to Christ as Lord, they are licentious antinomians. Their useless religion has no real affect upon their hearts and lives. They have no master, no lord, no king, except their own will and pleasure. ONLY THOSE WHO RECEIVE CHRIST AS BOTH A PRINCE AND A SAVIOR ARE TRUE BELIEVERS. The true believer resigns his will and subjects the passions of his soul to Christ, his glorious Prince. True believers yield themselves to the will, direction, and control of Christ as their Lord and Master. At the same time, the true believer trusts Christ as his Savior, realizing the sufficiency of his righteousness and the merits of his blood as our Substitute for the pardon of sin and eternal acceptance with God our Father. IF WE WOULD BE SAVED BY THE GRACE OF GOD, WE MUST LOOK TO CHRIST AS A PRINCE AND A SAVIOR. We look to Christ as our Savior, trusting him alone for all our righteousness, all our redemption, and all that is needful to save us and bring us into heaven's everlasting glory. And we look to Christ as our Prince, bowing to him, submitting to him, seeking to obey him in all things, and endeavoring to subject all things to his will.