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No Other Name

Acts 4:12

GodŐs elect in the Old Testament were saved exactly the same way as GodŐs elect are saved today, by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. In the Old Testament era sinners were saved by trusting Christ who was to come, promised, and prefigured in the words and types of the Old Testament Scriptures. Since the coming of Christ, sinners are saved by trusting Christ who has come and fulfilled all the promises, types, and prophecies of the Old Testament.

            Abel and Archippus, Job and John, Moses and Matthew, Miriam and Mary, Rahab and Rhoda, Padon and Peter all believed the same gospel, trusted the same Savior, and were saved by the same grace as GodŐs elect are today. The saints of old trusted the Christ who was to come; and GodŐs elect today trust the Christ who has come.







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