act 04v12 Neither Is There Salvation In Any Other




Acts 4:12


Salvation comes to fallen, helpless sinners only by virtue of Christ's blessed name, only by his merits, only by his power, only by his authority.

                My friend, SALVATION SHOULD BE A MATTER OF GREAT CONCERN TO YOU. You are, by nature, lost, without Christ, without hope, without life, without God in the world. You are a cursed member of a cursed race. Soon, your life on this earth will be over, your body will return to the earth, and your immortal soul will stand naked before God in judgment. God will require two things of you in that day: Complete satisfaction for all your sin and perfect righteousness. Without these two things you will be lost forever in hell! But you can produce neither. Atonement for sin and righteousness can only be found in Christ. If you die without Christ, you die without hope. But if you have Christ, you have everlasting life (John 3:36; I John 5:13).

                YOU CANNOT OBTAIN SALVATION BY ANYTHING YOU CAN DO (Rom. 3:20; Eph. 2:8-9). I doubt that anyone ever comes to God directly through the strait gate. Works are so ingrained into our natural religious consciousness that we all, like the prodigal, have to give them a try. We will not come to Christ until we find ourselves foiled in our works, beaten and defeated. We come to Christ only when we are pressed to do so by necessity, when we find that he alone is the way to God. Good works, religious reformation, baptism, prayers, tears, vows, and resolutions will never bring salvation. If you have been trying to do something to get saved, give it up at once. Trust Christ, trust Christ alone. Christ alone is salvation. And Christ alone is the Way to salvation.

                I assure you, on the authority of God's holy Word, that THERE IS SALVATION FOR SINNERS IN CHRIST- (Isa. 45: 22; John 3:14-17). There is no salvation anywhere else. But there is abundant salvation in Christ. "Believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved." His name has power, virtue, and efficacy with God. Come to Christ now. Sue for mercy at the throne of grace by the name of Christ. You have no other hope. If you do not find salvation in Christ, you will find it nowhere else. He is your only hope.