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“Determinate Counsel”

Acts 2:23


I love those words, “determinate counsel.” The purpose of our great God and Savior is unalterably fixed, relentlessly pursued, and perfectly executed.

      Our Savior came here to do a specific work (Matthew 1:21), a work appointed to him and purposed by him from everlasting (Psalm 40; Hebrews 10); and he was determined to accomplish it, “straightened,” as he put it, until it was accomplished. It shall be accomplished. It shall be finished. He had come here to accomplish death; and it shall be accomplished (Luke 9:30-31).

      How will he do it? By what means shall the holy Lamb of God be sacrificed? The altar shall be built, built by man’s enmity. The sacrifice shall be slain, slain by man’s hatred. The work shall be done, done by man’s will. It shall be done exactly according to the purpose of God (Psalms 76:10; Acts 2:23).








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