"Why Trouble Ye Her?"            

Mark 14:6


     When Mary broke open her alabaster box and anointed her Savior with the costly spikenard, "There were some that had indignation within themselves, and said, Why was this waste of the ointment made?" They were critical of Mary's devotion and service to Christ. They thought she had acted fanatically for having made such a waste of her goods. They called her work and sacrifice for Christ a waste!

     To those pompous, self-righteous do-nothings, the Son of God said, "Let her alone; why trouble ye her?"

     The spirit of these narrow minded fault-finders is all too common. Their followers are found in every age. Pious acting, self-righteous worldlings are quick to denounce what they call "extremes" in religion. Dedication and commitment to Christ they call "fanaticism". They always urge "moderation" in the service of Christ and his gospel. If a man devotes his time, money, and affection to the pursuit of any worldly interest, they call him wise. If he dedicates himself to the pursuit of riches, fame, and power, they find no fault with him. If he is an athlete and commits himself to exercise, training, and practice, they say he is to be admired for his dedication. Yet, if that same man devotes himself and all that he has to Christ, his worship, his gospel, and the service of his kingdom, the self-righteous worldlings cannot find words ugly enough to express their contempt for him. Consecration to Christ they call a waste, fanaticism, and foolish.

     Cold hearts are always slow to do and quick to criticize. You can take this to the bank: Mr. Critical Tongue and Ms. Gossip Jaws are do nothings in the kingdom of God. They can be depended upon for nothing, except finding fault with the service of the faithful.

     If a person ever understands the sinfulness of his sin and the mercy, grace, and love of Christ in his sin-atoning death as the sinner's Substitute, he will never imagine that anything is too great or too costly to do for and give to Christ. Rather, he will cry, "What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits?" He is not afraid of wasting his time, his money, and his life on Christ. He is afraid of wasting them on the world! He is not afraid of doing too much for Christ. He fears giving too much care to the world!



Don Fortner