“He hath done all things well.”

Mark 7:37


If these men and women who had seen our Savior’s miracles were astonished and cried out, “He hath done all things well,” how much more astonished we ought to be who have tasted and experienced his grace! How much more we ought to confess to God our Savior, to the angels before his throne, to wondering worlds, and to one another, — “He hath done all things well!”


My Testimony


Looking over all the days of my life and everything I have experienced these 55 years, I lift my heart to heaven and say, “He hath done all things well!” Like you, I’ve had a few trials and heartaches, a little pain and sorrow, a little hurt and bitterness. (And, I am ashamed to confess, I have caused much more than I’ve experienced.) But God my Savior has been so kind and gracious to me, that were I to die this day, you can write these words on my gravestone. — “‘He hath done all things well!’ Here lies a man who was for 55 years the benefactor of unceasing, special divine care. And ‘My Jesus hath done all things well.’”


A Question


Tell me, you who know my Savior, can you not testify the same? — “He hath done all things well!” Does your own life’s experience not verify this? I know it does.


            Yes, from first to last, — from the day of our birth to this very hour, — from the earliest pangs of sin’s conviction to the blessed thrill of sin’s forgiveness, — from the cradle to the grave, — from earth to heaven, — this will be our testimony regarding all the way our ever-gracious God has led us through this wilderness and every experience along the way, — “He hath done all things well!”


            In providence and in grace, in every truth revealed in his Word, in every token of his love, in every stroke of his rod, in every sunbeam of his goodness, in every cloud that has darkened our skies, in every sweet morsel he has put into our lives, in every bitter thing he has mixed into our cup, in all that has been mysterious, confusing, painful, and humiliating, in all that he has given, and in all that he has taken away,— “He hath done all things well!” This is, must be, and shall be our grateful acknowledgment through time and eternity. — “He hath done all things well!”


            Our great God and Savior who loved us, chose us, redeemed us, and saved us by his grace, who has kept us in all our ways, has done all things well! He who is our God is too wise to err, too strong to fail, and too good to do wrong.


            Study his universe, all the history of it, study his creation, his providence, his judgments and his grace, view them in every light, examine them in their most minute detail, as you would the petal of a flower, or the wing of an insect, study all with the microscopic eye of faith, and this will be your glad testimony to his praise, — “He hath done all things well!”