"Of That Day And Hour Knoweth No Man"   

Matthew 24:36


     Throughout the history of the church men have arisen, here and there, who were certain that they had done what no one else was ever able to do, certain that they had worked out God's Timetable, and that they were able to predict the time of our Lord's second advent. But, OUR LORD DECLARES THAT SUCH A THING CAN NEVER BE DONE. NOT ONLY IS IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR US TO KNOW, BUT IT IS BEST FOR US NOT THE KNOW WHEN CHRIST SHALL COME AGAIN, IF WE MIGHT. If we knew when Christ would appear the second time we would probably accomplish little good while we are here. We would spend our days marking off the days and observing the events identifying the approach of the great day. WE ARE NOT CALLED TO BE PREDICTORS OF HIS ADVENT, BUT THE WITNESSES OF HIS GRACE AND GLORY. It is of no spiritual value to speculate about that which God has not revealed. We are useful to the souls of men only as we bear witness of Christ and instruct sinners in the knowledge of him. In recent years several books and pamphlets have come across my desk confidently asserting that the Lord Jesus will come again on a certain day,in a certain month, or in a part of a specific year. Should these books be studied? Should they be looked into? Is it possible that someone has finally discovered God's Timetable? The answer is found in Acts 1:7. The Lord Jesus Christ declares, "It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power." Do not waste your time and energy speculating about that which cannot be known. Instead, study the Person and work of Christ, serve the interests of his kingdom, and live every day in the anticipation of your Lord's immediate return. Try, by the grace of God, to live every day as though Christ were certain to come that day. If he does not, be content to watch for him the next. At God's appointed time CHRIST SHALL COME AGAIN!



Don Fortner