"Come Unto Me"      

Matthew 11:28


     The Lord Jesus calls sinners to come to him. He does not call you to come to an altar, come down a church aisle, come to a priest or a preacher, or even to come to his doctrine. He says, "Come unto me." What does that mean? How can a sinner on the earth come to Christ who is in heaven? In John 6:35 he explains that coming to him is an act of faith, an act of the heart. TO COME TO CHRIST IS TO "BELIEVE ON" HIM!

     Read the Gospel narratives again. You will discover that all who came to our Lord in this sense while he was upon the earth had four things in common. Even so, today all who come to Christ have these same four characteristics:

     1. THOSE WHO COME TO CHRIST NEED HIM. There was one woman with an issue of blood who had been sick and unclean for twelve years. She had spent everything she had on physicians of no value. She came to Christ realizing that he alone possessed the grace, mercy, and power she needed (Lk. 8:43-48).

     2. ALL WHO COME TO THE SAVIOR ARE PERSUADED THAT HE IS ABLE TO SAVE. The leper knew Christ could heal him if he would (Matt. 8:2). The thief knew that Christ could grant him an entrance into his kingdom (Lk. 23:42). None truly trust Christ but those who are persuaded that his righteousness, blood, grace, and power are sufficient to save to the uttermost all who come to God by him.

     3. ALL WHO COME TO CHRIST COME WITH A SUIT FOR MERCY. Bartimaeus cried out for mercy (Mk. 10:46-52). The Canaanite woman needed mercy that only Christ could give, and refused to leave him alone until she had obtained the mercy she needed (Matt. 15:21-28). Do you need mercy? Go directly to the King upon his throne and make your suit - "God be merciful to me, the sinner!" All who do so obtain mercy (John 6:35). Why not you?

     4. ALL WHO COME TO CHRIST SURRENDER TO HIS RULE AS LORD. All who come in faith "follow Jesus in the way." His way becomes their way (Mk. 10:52). His will becomes their will. They trust him, surrender to him, obey him, accept his reproach, and renounce all that is opposed to him. All who come to Christ in faith throw up the white flag of surrender and bow to the yoke of Christ as their Lord.



Don Fortner