“They Have Broken Up”     

Micah 2:13

            Micah describes both Christ and his people. Our dear Savior is the Breaker who has come. Then the prophet speaks of God’s elect, saying, “They have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it: and their king shall pass before them, and the Lord on the head of them.” The Lord Jesus has, for those sinners saved by his grace, broken down the strongholds of sin and Satan in which we were bound all the days of our lives. He has broken down that wall of hatred and enmity in our hearts against the Lord God and against his Christ with which we were born. In that horrid state of hatred and enmity against God we would have died and perished forever, but for the sovereign grace and goodness of God in sending the Lord Jesus to us as the almighty Breaker who burst open the prison of darkness where we were held as willing captives by Satan. He broke the chains that held us. He brought us out!

            These things being wrought in us and accomplished for us by his almighty grace, we are described as a people who, in his strength, “have broken up, and have passed through the gate” of Satan’s dominion, “and are gone out by it” into the glorious liberty of the sons of God.

            Is that your experience? Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your almighty Breaker? This Breaker is known by these sweet tokens of his saving power and grace. Those who are the objects of his love experience the transforming power of his grace. It is foolish to talk about believing him, knowing him, and worshipping him, until we have experienced the power of his grace. Has your King and Lord thus passed before you? Has he thus passed before me? If he has, let us ever be on the look out for renewed visits of grace from him. Oh, let this almighty, gracious Breaker come often to break us. God only uses broken things; and none can break us but Christ, the Breaker. The law may terrify; but it cannot break. Religion may tame us; but it cannot break us. We certainly cannot, even as believers, break ourselves. Only Christ can break us! Let him, therefore, come often in his capacity as the Breaker to break down those remaining obstacles of doubt, and fear, and unbelief that constantly rise up in our hearts. Come, O Mighty Breaker! Break down all that remains of indwelling corruption and sin within me, by which these doubts and fears of unbelief get such a strong hold upon me.

            Soon, our glorious Christ shall finally come in all his fulness as the Breaker. He will break through the clouds to judgment. He will break down every remaining evil in creation that keeps us from the perfect and everlasting enjoyment of him. When he comes again, our mighty Samson will carry away the gates of our prison, the grave, and set all his ransomed prisoners free, free forever! Hasten the day, blessed Savior! Come quickly with a glory infinitely surpassing all conception. Come, show yourself, in the full display of your sovereignty, power, and grace, as the almighty Breaker!


Don Fortner