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Iron Teeth, Ten Horns, a Little Horn,

And a Horn with Eyes

Daniel 7:8-9


In chapters 7 and 8 Daniel tells us of the prophetic visions he had during the days of that wicked king of Babylon, Belshazzar, Nebuchadnezzar’s son. So terrible were the visions given to Daniel that he fainted and was sick for many days. Would to God that we might be so moved by the thought of Divine judgment, the thought of sinners perishing under the wrath of God!

      Concerning those visions much speculation has been made, many books have been written, and countless sermons have been preached. I have a novel suggestion: — Perhaps we would be wise simply to bow to God’s purpose and wait, wait for Him to explain this and all other things not clearly revealed by performing them. We should never presume to know that which is not written in the Book of God.

      We should rest in what is here written concerning our Redeemer's Kingdom. We should be fully satisfied with God’s revelation. We are here told that our Lord Jesus has a kingdom which shall be forever and ever. What more can be wanted? But much more is given. — This kingdom and dominion and the greatness of it shall be given to the people, the saints, of the Most High!

      Let others gratify their lusts by trying to figure out every imaginable thing about the precise significance of horns and winds, more horns, and little horns with eyes. Our hearts ought to be ravished with Him whom Daniel saw, “the Ancient of Days,” our great, Almighty Savior and God. Oh, that we were always ravished with the might and purity of His Being, the sovereignty and glory of His dominion, the justice and righteousness with which He judges all, and the glory of His coming as the Son of Man in His second advent!

When we read the Book of God, let us always look for Christ. Take every inclination of your mind to be taken up with trees, and nations, and beasts, and angels, and demons, and flying fowls, and swimming things, and creeping things, — Take every inclination of your mind to investigate lesser things than the Christ of God and His great salvation to be a satanic ploy to destroy your soul, turning you away from the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus!

            I do not mean that we should ignore anything in the Book of God; but I do mean that we should always look for Christ crucified in Holy Scripture, and leave secret things secret. That which God intends for us to know He has revealed. We should never guess what a text means. If God the Holy Spirit intends for us to know the precise meaning of any sentence in Holy Scripture, He has given the meaning in some other portion of Holy Scripture. If He has not given us the meaning, we should simply bow to His will and wait for Him to manifest all things at His appointed time.

Holy Scripture is to be treated with reverence. Give the beast’s iron teeth, the ten horns, the little horn, and the horn with eyes due consideration; but do not allow Satan to use them to keep you from worshipping the Ancient of Days in garments white as snow, and with hair like pure wool, sitting on a throne like a fiery flame!




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